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One of the biggest names when speaking about hosting providers, 1&1 offers a full range of products and services; from domain names registration to storage space, site security features and even marketing tools.

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Hosting site review - Reliability


1&1 hosting features outstanding metrics for uptime records, good site speed performances via their Content Delivery Network using cached servers for faster page loading.

The SiteLock option is another good security feature 1and1 web hosting offers at bottom rates ($0.99 for the basic hosting packages and $4.99 for the premium one). SiteLock will not only protect your website from hacking, malware infestation, and unauthorized access. It will also display a trust seal letting your visitors know your site is secure.

All hosting packages now come with a Symantec SSL Certificate to ensure the safe encryption of all data exchanges between your server and your website’s users.

Hosting site review - Control panel

Control Panel

1&1 web hosting uses a custom backend setup, which allows users to install different kinds of scripts and provides a user-friendly interface for uploading, editing and managing your website’s files as well as the content of MySQL Databases.

Hosting site review - Extras


One of the best features 1&1 hosting offers is the geo-redundancy, which means saving your data simultaneously in two of the company’s data centers in separate locations. This way, your data is completely secure and easier to retrieve when a visitor accesses your website. The geo-redundancy feature impacts positively on your website’s loading speed.

Hosting site review - Packages and pricing

Hosting Packages and Pricing

When comparing web hosting industry prices, you will noticed that 1&1 are in the lower end of the range. Even better, all packages now come with unlimited webspace. Their Unlimited Package comes in at a monthly rate of $0.99 for the first year, with the price rising to $7.99 per month thereafter. Unlimited Plus starts at $4.99 for the first 12 months, with the price rising to $9.99 in the second year. If you’re looking into more advanced options, Unlimited Pro is the package of choice, with prices starting at $8.99 for the first year, then rising to $14.99 per month in the second 12 months.

The Unmetered package is the best option for those who want to build a WordPress website. Besides automatic security updates and WP expert support, it allows you to host an unmetered number of WP sites, making use of as much storage capacities and as many databases as you need.

Hosting site review - Support


As 1&1 hosting uses a proprietary control panel, you may often need to rely on their customer support system, either by browsing their knowledge base or contacting them by phone or email. While you have all the above-mentioned options, the response time can sometimes be a little slow. However, if you are an Unmetered plan subscriber, you will appreciate the option of getting in touch with an app expert able to answer to most technical questions quickly and accurately.

Hosting site review - Conclusion


All in all, 1&1 is a good option of hosting services provider. On the plus side, you have outstanding uptime records, reliable tools and the option to build a WP managed site. However, if you are novice webmaster, it might take you some time to learn the ropes of their custom backend setup.

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1&1 Hosting Review