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BoldGrid is an innovative new WordPress drag-and-drop website builder offered as part of InMotion hosting packages. It allows users to create stunning websites with minimum effort. This web builder is a dream come true for beginners.

BoldGrid is a set of plugins developed by InMotion hosting that unlocks the drag-and-drop functionality on WordPress, thus enabling users to easily create professional looking WordPress sites.
This opens new doors for WordPress users and developers, thanks to enhanced website customisation

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The Drag-and-Drop Editor is one of the key features that makes BoldGrid an exceptional website builder. The drag-and-drop functionality takes away all the hard work, so you don’t need to know the technical stuff, just drag page elements around with your mouse.

You can expect easy to use Grids and Layouts when you build a website. There’s a fair choice of prebuilt grids which is a real time saver, and if they don’t suit your site then you can create your own grid and layout designs with minimal effort.

BoldGrid offers plenty of Responsive Designs for all web devices; this allows users to create fully responsive websites, giving visitors a more immersive experience when they land on your page from a mobile device.

A Staging Sites feature enables users to develop their own design without hindering the live site. If you’re happy with the staging site then you can activate it to a live site.

The Customiser option gives you the tools to alter the colour scheme, play with the layout and generally get the site to fit your desired design.

You also get a wide selection of Prebuilt Templates with sleek ideas – you can also create your own designs from the supplied templates. The templates feature demo content to get your ideas going so you can create your perfect website.

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BoldGrid prides itself on reliability and ease of use, it gets the user started with the Inspiration Phase and then on to the Customisation Phase. BoldGrid simplifies everything, the speed and processes of creating professional-looking WordPress websites are impressive.

The BoldGrid builder gives users the ability to create a new staging site without touching the live site, and then users can migrate the new site when it’s ready, so your web work isn’t compromised. BoldGrid saves you time and makes everything as easy as it can be, providing a very reliable web builder for the novice user.

InMotion’s hosting packages are not only well priced but are built on the most advanced infrastructure, so you can be assured of their reliability. They promise 99.9% uptime, and stability was superb throughout our test.

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Control Panel

Just as with InMotion’s other hosting packages, you control the actual administration of your site via the user-friendly cPanel. The approachable graphic user interface makes it really easy to take care of all of your webmaster tasks, even if you’re a complete novice.

As for the BoldGrid CMS, there are two main sections, Inspiration and Customisation. When you login, the dashboard will display two videos on getting started, one for the novice and one for the more advanced user. The left side WordPress menu will display the Inspiration and Customisation options, your WordPress user panel will otherwise look just the same.

To get started on creating your site, you need to click the Inspiration menu and select Inspirations – this will allow you to create an active site or a staging site for development. Then you can get going by selecting your website type and picking a theme.

Once that’s done, you’re ready for the customisation stage, this is where you’ll add the title of the site, add or remove pages and other web customisations.

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What separates BoldGrid from the pack is that it uses a graphic user interface and does not require that the web builder be familiar with web technologies. But, if you are familiar with certain technologies such as HTML and CSS then great, you can further customise your website.

Bold Grid automates unwanted tasks that occur while designing the site, thus saving heaps of time and effort.

What’s more, BoldGrid provides great compatibility; if you don’t fancy one of the set themes you can use any other free or premium theme of your choice. You can even use third party plugins to further the functionality of your website – BoldGrid is compatible with all WordPress plugins and themes.

Inserting stock images right from your WordPress dashboard is made easy, there’s no need for painfully boring editing tools, select the image and the image size and the system will download and crop the image for you.

Packages and pricing - Hosting site review

Hosting Packages and Pricing

Before you even begin your BoldGrid site, you need to select a hosting package. InMotion Hosting are the hosting service behind BoldGrid, and although you can technically use BoldGrid with any hosting provider, it would be a wise move to stick with InMotion, both for ease of setup and ongoing support. Once you’ve purchased your hosting package you can get started straight away on your BoldGrid website without any problems. The features of InMotion Hosting make it a perfect hosting partner for BoldGrid.

Hosting is the only cost when it comes to using the BoldGrid web builder.

InMotion offer three packages with BoldGrid included free. The Launch package is the cheapest, at $5.99 per month. It allows you to host two websites, includes a free domain, marketing credits, unmetered disk space, and a 90-day money-back guarantee. The Power plan comes in at $7.99 and allows you to host up to six websites on your account. Finally, the Pro option gives you unmetered websites for $13.99 per month.

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The support offered by InMotion on BoldGrid packages is excellent, with 24/7/365 customer care from a US-based call center. Subscribers enjoy the best support with a dedicated team on demand to get you through any issues.

Conclusion - Hosting site review


BoldGrid is a hosting and web builder product that’s perfect if you want powerful web creation and hosting in an efficient and easy-to-use package. The feature-filled BoldGrid WordPress Web Builder provides the functionality the web designer needs on the WordPress platform. It’s a well-rounded web building tool that comes completely free. It changes the game for beginners, giving them everything they need to create a highly professional site without all the time consuming effort.

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