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A web hosting company founded back in 2001, InMotion Hosting offers affordable packages, a full range of professional tools and a library of website scripts, not to mention a professional customer’s support service. Featuring two data center locations, and basing their hosting services on modern computing infrastructure, InMotion web hosting succeeds to maintain competitive prices and a highly professional level of service.

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Reliability - Hosting site review


Using InMotion Hosting provides you with a stable, reliable and well performing hosting platform. Moreover, their Los Angeles and Herndon, Virginia based data centers use One Wilshire connection technology, and BGP route optimizers. They boast a very good uptime – of 99.99%, which means that your website will have as little glitches as possible, being available to your visitors and customers all the time.

Control panel - Hosting site review

Control Panel

Using the popular cPanel designed with Unix technology, InMotion Hosting makes a webmaster’s life a lot easier. offers an entire database of instructions that will teach you how to use cPanel and its tools. This user friendly graphical interface enables you to perform a variety of website management relate tasks using just a few clicks, so you can find your way around it even if you are a total newbie to the world of web hosting and website building.

For the cPanel, you can install a website builder to design your website’s pages and publish them with a click. You can also set up your email accounts, renew your web domain, and manage your databases, all in one place.

Extras - Hosting site review


InMotion Hosting’s packages include a good number of freebies, in the form of marketing coupons for you to use and promote your website. However, this is not what boosts InMotion Hosting’s value, but rather their library of over 250 applications you can install with one single click and use on your website to enhance its functionalities.

An added value for – they also provide web design, SEO and social media marketing services. So, if you feel uncertain of your graphical skills or you want some help promoting your website, you can check their website templates and use their experts.

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Hosting Packages and Pricing

All standard Business packages offer SSD (Solid State Drive) hosting that ensure your website is loading at a good speed. Their servers also use RAID cards with battery back-up system, so that in case of a power loss, your data will not be lost. These hosting plans with prices ranging from $3.49 to $7.49 per month are suitable for static HTML websites as well as for those running on dynamic content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla.

InMotion Hosting also provides webmasters of fast-growing interactive websites with the possibility to opt for VPS hosting, benefiting from free of charge SSDs and sizeable amounts of RAM, disk space and bandwidth. These plans start at a rate of $29.99 per month.

If you need a higher level of control and advanced resources, you can opt for a dedicated hosting package, case in which you will have the possibility to configure your own server. Prices for dedicate servers start at $99.99 per month, which is a very good rate compared to other web hosting services provider.

Support - Hosting site review


For any kind of inquiry, you can contact InMotion’s support center via phone, live chat or email. They take a maximum of 48 hours to answer emails, and their chat system is very efficient. Besides, you can check their FAQ section, as it is packed with tutorials and instructions on how to use not only their service, but also the most common website builders. Their Youtube channel is another useful resource of information.

Conclusion - Hosting site review


All in all, InMotion Hosting provides a good option for those looking for reliable hosting service at affordable prices. You will benefit from a full range of features, and professional tools, building your website on a stable platform with a high uptime average. If you need more help building and promoting your site, you should know InMotion Hosting also offers web design, SEO and social media marketing services.

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David has always been a computer geek. With a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and five years of building websites from scratch, he’s ready to master his new position as a web developing manager. David recently combined his love for technology with writing, and provides his input in the form of regular articles on Top 5 Hosting.
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  • skobola

    Unfortunately, I am disappointed with InMotion, primarily because of the speed, which is for the one-page “under construction” website (with simple graphic, logo and one sentence, opens in 20 seconds. I have had a 4-page website before with iPage, which used to open almost instantaneously; however, I have changed it just because it used the proprietary Weebly WYSIWYG editor, which has hooked me up only to them.

  • Dan V

    Hi…I am looking to get a blog started for my 13-year old so he can post his short stories, songs, and things like that, using a hosted platform so things are more secure. Not looking to have any e-commerce functionality. Want it to be flexible, professional looking and easy for him to modify, and put basic things like pictures and videos on it. . What platform would you recommend? thanks.

  • James

    The best service I’ve ever received, The support team is very professional and helped me with all the issues other hosting providers couldn’t solve. Happy I’ve moved my website to Inmotion. Highly recommended!


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InMotion hosting Review