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Network Solutions was (believe it or not) established in 1979, so it’s safe to say they’re industry veterans. The company played a role in the internet’s growth and now it’s helping the growth of many online businesses.

The company is known for its domain registration and marketing services, but it does a pretty good hosting service too. This web hosting service is ram-packed with useful hosting options.

You can expect the most convenient web creation tools, excellent ecommerce features and marketing capabilities.

Network Solutions is a great choice for those looking to build custom websites, implement social media, and carry out online marketing. Users can manager their online endeavors and enjoy a responsible and easy-to-use web host.

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Reliability - Hosting site review


This web hosting provider promises to deliver 99.99% uptime, making sure your business is pretty much never in danger of being offline. Network Solutions also offers a reliable and professional customer support team who are on hand to make sure all domains are safe. What’s more, the development features, restore/backup availability and MySQL databases further increase site stability and hosting credibility.

Control panel - Hosting site review

Control Panel

Network Solutions hosting doesn’t follow the rest of the pack by using Plesk or cPanel. This reputable hosting provider offer a ton of how-tos that have everything you could want displayed on the control panel. This panel allows users to monitor their network resources, billing and much more. It’s very convenient and comfortable to navigate around, making web up-keep nice and easy.

Extras - Hosting site review


There’s plenty of extras to get excited about with this web hosting service. Network Solutions offers an abundance of hosting, technical, marketing and bonus features. You can expect unmetered bandwidth, an easy-to-use web builder, Unix-based website and statistics straight off the mark. There’s also unlimited MySQL databases, FTP account, SEO-optimizers, MS access, EZPolls and plenty of blogging extras that’ll please any web master. There’s also the option to bolster your web hosting package with paid add-ons.

Packages and pricing - Hosting site review

Hosting Packages and Pricing

Network Solutions offer three standard hosting packages broken down into Essential Hosting, Professional Hosting and Premium Hosting.

The Essential package provides:

  • up to 300GB of disk space
  • unlimited data transfer
  • 1000-email storage capacity
  • plus a free domain for good measure.

This package is $3.99 per month.

The Professional hosting plan includes:

  • 500GB of disk space
  • 2500-email storage capacity
  • unlimited data transfer

at $18.95 per month.

The Premium plan has:

  • unlimited data transfer
  • unlimited email storage
  • unlimited disk space
  • unlimited FTP accounts

This costs $36.95 per month.

The Essential web host package is the best option for the best price. You have everything you need, so why pay more for a few extras?

All of these hosting options include open-source blogging apps including WordPress Blogs, net and B2evolution. You can also customise your own plan, which is great if your site is focusing on blogging or ecommerce.

Support - Hosting site review


Network Solutions outshines the competition when it comes to support.

There’s plenty of support sections that can help with a myriad of hosting topics. You’ll likely find a help topic about any issue you may be experiencing under the support section.

If you can’t find anything, then you can use the toll-free number to get in touch with one of the professional and knowledgeable support staff. There’s a number of different departments to call, each dedicated to a different topic or product.

Phone support is available around the clock, while email and live chat are also included in the support package.

You can also contact them though their social network platforms which are actively dealt with. What’s more, there’s a list of articles and guides add further convenience.

Conclusion - Hosting site review


Network Solutions offers a very flexible hosting package that’s convenient and comprehensive. You can bulk up the package with extras and customise it to your own web hosting needs. All the features you could possibly want are there, while the highly organised and polished site makes it a breeze to use.

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  • Larry

    I am starting a new business and don’t know much, ok nothing, about website building. I need a service that is easy to use, easy to build a webpage but also is able to link to social media and to paypal for people to buy my service. How will this work for me?


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Network Solutions Review