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Web.com is a reputable web services provider that has been satisfying hundreds of thousands of customers since 1997. They offer a full range of services besides hosting, including one of the most popular eCommerce website builder on the market, online marketing, and domain registration.

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Reliability - Hosting site review


Web.com hosting offers an impressive uptime guarantee of 99.99% – one of the highest on the market. Besides that, they offer a security guarantee made possible by the use cutting edge technology and top notch equipment such as Cisco routers and firewalls, all entirely wind powered.

Control panel - Hosting site review

Control Panel

Using Web.com’s custom-made control panel may seem a little difficult at the beginning, but once you have learned the ropes, you will see it is actually well structured and rather user-friendly. Using simplicity as their motto, Web.com makes a user’s life easier, allowing him to handle the most complex tasks even if he has no previous experience.

Extras - Hosting site review


Focusing on strengths like security, reliability, and outstanding reputation, Web.com offers, perhaps, less extras than other web hosting sites. When you register, you can benefit from a free domain registration, and you get advertising credit that will help you promote your website faster and more efficiently.

Packages and pricing - Hosting site review

Hosting Packages and Pricing

With a simple tiers structure and prices starting at $1.95, Web.com hosting certainly has its competitive edge on the market. Depending what your business’ goals are and what amount of traffic you expect your website to attract, you have to choose between three Web.com hosting plans: Essential, Professional and Premium. The main differences between these hosting packages lie in the disk storage capacity, the bandwidth allotted to your website, the number of email boxes you can create and the access to certain tools like open source applications and script libraries.
The Essential package is a great choice if you are running a small website with moderate traffic, easy forms and limited multimedia content. If your website requires a good amount of multimedia files or complex forms, you can upgrade to the Professional plan, which has a monthly subscription rate of $7.95. Big websites with heavy traffic, dynamic content and customer interactions can orient themselves towards the Premium web hosting plan, which features a rate of $9.95 per month.

Support - Hosting site review


Being a Web.com hosting subscriber means having access to their customer support center, which in real life translates into getting answers to complex questions regarding your hosting account or the running of your website. Their support center consists of a comprehensive knowledgebase, a phone line, email messages and forums. The agents are usually knowledgeable and helpful, but you might have to wait for up to half an hour before reaching one of them. While some customers complain about Web.com not featuring an online chat functionality, the forums are really a great solution as they allow you to interact with other webmasters.

Conclusion - Hosting site review


All in all, Web.com is a good web hosting solution if you want an easy-to-use interface and a simple hosting plan. If you are an advanced or techier webmaster, you might think their service is too basic for you. However, you will for sure appreciate their high level of security and outstanding uptime metrics.

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Web.com hosting Review