How to Choose a Great Domain Name

christian parker

Jan 28 2016

Have you ever heard a jingle on the radio and you instantly and always thereafter remembered the name of the product? Or just heard the name of something and it just stuck in your head? Your domain name has the potential to be the online equivalent of that – as long as you choose the right one!

If you choose a name that is short, relevant and catchy you’ll go a long way to a building successful site and making it memorable.

The Importance of a Great Domain Name

If you own a known business, it makes sense to try and use your company name in your domain name. Even if your business name is already taken by someone else, there are workarounds like inserting your name within a longer domain name, or by buying the domain name you really want from its current owner.

If possible, make your domain descriptive. Ever wonder where the name Trivago came from? What do you get when you put Trip, Vacation, and Go together? Got to drive to that hotel? Use the app that shows you the best paths to get there—Waze.

But even if your domain name can’t be short or descriptive, don’t fret. You can still drive people to your website through embedded meta tags and search engine optimization (SEO), it just helps to have a catchy domain name.

How to Get Started

The best way to get started on your journey is to find a good hosting site. There are a number of them that offer domain name registration, hosting, and WordPress site management for very little money. But remember, if you plan to use your website as your principal store, to host advertising, or need complete control over what’s on it, a free hosting service won’t offer you the features and flexibility you need.

Some hosting services offer free options, and they really are free. The bad news is that the free domain name that you get is actually a subdomain, which will include the website builder brand in your site’s name. It’s also normal for the hosting company to place ads on your site in return for the free hosting you receive, which will limit your ability to monetize your site.

With so many hosting platforms out there, it can be confusing to know which to choose, and how much to spend. One very easy way to know which hosting provider to go for is to visit a check out our reviews and hosting comparison tool. It is a whole lot easier to choose when you have a list of top-rated hosting sites in one place.

Once you’ve chosen the best hosting site for your needs, they will walk you through the domain name buying process, which couldn’t be easier!


The secret to a great domain name is choosing one that is easy to remember. A catchy, short and unique name is a good way to get it cemented in someone’s mind.

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